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New Belgium – Sparkling Lime Lager

New Belgium - Sparkling Lime Lager

Days at the lake or lounging by the pool should be simple and easy.

The less you have to mess with the better.

Lime with beer should taste great, not cover some skunkiness.

New Belgium Sparkling Lime Lager is bright, bubbly, and packed with lime flavor. It’s a refreshing lager that was made for enjoyment while soaking up the sun. With only 4.4% ABV, you can enjoy these all day at the lake or poolside, straight from the can.

Sparkling Lime Lager is clean and simple without complexity, unlike your boat.


“This is a good tasting, hot day, summertime beer. The hint of lime taste natural, like a lime wedge, but longer-lasting. It’s more enjoyable and interesting to drink than a standard lager.” – Craig


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