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Nomad – Steel Band for Apple Watch

Nomad - Steel Band for Apple Watch

Apple watches are great. Durable and multifunctional, there isn’t much they don’t do. Except look great.

To be honest, the rubber strap isn’t a great look. But metal straps have limitations too, like not releasing easily and they are prone to scratching.

The Nomad Steel Band is the pinnacle of metal link bracelets for the Apple Watch. Designed from the ground up and built from high-grade stainless steel and an advanced Diamond-Like Carbon coating, this band is engineered to give you the durability of a classic metal link bracelet. The innovative magnetic clasps is ultra-slim and custom-designed to allow the band to effortlessly open and securely close with the power of neodymium magnets. It’s compatible with all versions of the Apple Watch, and the strap is one size fits most, designed for wrist sizes ranging from 130 to 225mm.

It comes in stainless steel or titanium and in silver or black.

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