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NorthRock – Landscape Loc Mulch & Rock Bond

NorthRock - Landscape Loc Mulch & Rock Bond

Are you tired of constantly replacing your wood mulch? Mulch can be blown away in dry windy conditions or scattered while mowing. Keep your mulch of decorative landscape rock in place with this DIY application.

NorthRock Landscape Loc Mulch & Rock Bond will bond mulch, rock, sand and more. Ready to use, just shake well, pour into a garden sprayer (sold separately) and apply. Coverage may vary from 250-750 sq. ft/gallon depending on weight, size, porosity, and desired hold of the material. Intended for rocks 1/2″ or smaller. It prevents movement caused by rain, wind, wildlife, mowers, leaf blowers, pets, and other sources while allowing the substrate to drain and breathe. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and safe for pets.

Lasts all season to keep your mulch in place!

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