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Ogallala Comfort – Hypoallergenic Milkweed Pillow

Ogallala Comfort - Hypoallergenic Milkweed Pillow

Let’s be honest, there is almost nothing worse than not sleeping due to your spouse’s allergies.

Snoring is something you can get used to, but that gurgling noise – Oh my God!

And the Kleenex everywhere. No wonder they’re clear-cutting the Amazon.

Get your (ahem) loved one and yourself a better night’s sleep while protecting the environment.

The Ogallala Comfort Pillow is handcrafted from a naturally hypoallergenic blend of the finest white goose down and milkweed fibers. The silky composition of milkweed helps stabilize the allergen-producing components of the remarkably soft goose down. The result is ultimate comfort without the price of allergies.

Ogallala Comfort Pillows maintain loft longer than down or down-alternatives. It wicks moisture away from the body for a temperature-regulated night’s rest. It’s free from harmful chemicals and protects Monarch butterfly habitats.

Milkweed fibers are found in the seedpods of milkweed plants. Monarch butterflies will only lay their eggs on milkweed plants. As there is less wild land in the US, the reduction in the milkweed supply has made the Monarchs’ future an uncertain one. Ogallala Comfort is encouraging the growth of milkweed and supports sustainable habitat for the Monarchs for many generations to come.

Ya, it’s a lot for a pillow, but so are the penalties for murdering your spouse in their sleep.

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