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Ohio Steel – Lawn Sweeper with offset drawbar, 50″

In a wet year, your grass grows faster than you can mow it. That means you have extra clippings building up on your lawn. Not only is this bad for the health of your lawn, but your dog also tracks it in. In the fall if you have oak trees the leaves pile up and choke out the lawn. Now is the time to sweep up that leaf mess and prepare for spring growth.

The Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper with offset drawbar features a super capacity 26 cu. ft. heavy-duty collector bag and an extra-wide 50 in. sweeping path allowing you to get your lawn care finished quickly. Patented spiral brush sweeps more efficiently than standard sweepers and puts less stress on gears for long service life. “No-slip” positive lock height adjustment has numbered height settings that can be changed while viewing brush for proper adjustment. Hopper bag empties by pulling the rope from the seat of your tractor – just reverse to the debris or compost area, pull the rope and you’re done! The extra wide 9 in. chute is less likely to clog, especially when sweeping damp grass clippings that can clump together. A reversible hitch allows for efficient level operation with any tractor hitch height and even offsets to pick up freshly mowed clippings.

The whole unit folds down for easy storage when not in use.

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