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OTDR Gear – ShotgunBuddy PRO Gun Rest 

OTDR Gear - ShotgunBuddy PRO Gun Rest 

A huge problem when gearing up to hunt when you are out in the field is, there is no safe place to place your gun.

Now there is a low-cost portable solution to ensure you always have a safe, secure place to set your gun.

The OTDR Gear ShotgunBuddy PRO Gun Rest is made with top-quality ABS and TPE materials that ensure durability and sturdiness. The triple rifle holder features premium rare-earth magnets that allow you to attach it to virtually any metal surface, like your gun safe, your vehicle, or hunting blind. For a permanent solution, you can also install the rifle barrel rest on wooden surfaces using the screws included in the pack. The gun holder features soft TPE insertions that protect your rifles. It also comes with a flexible strap for enhanced security.

Perfect for the side of your gun safe.

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