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Phoozy – Apollo Thermal Phone Case XL

Phoozy - Apollo Thermal Phone Case XL

Hunting, fishing, long walks, camping, and boating. If you are into any of these activities then you’ve had your phone shut down from the heat. Or maybe from the cold. Perhaps you’ve dropped it in the lake. Now there is protection from the elements to ensure your phone is protected.

The Phoozy Apollo Thermal Phone Case prevents your phone from dying in the cold while extending battery life up to 3X in cold conditions. It Reflects more than 90% of the heat generated by the sun to protect your device against overheating and permanent battery damage. It’s a lifejacket for your Phone: Water-resistant, splash-proof design floats if dropped in the water. The ultralight and slim to easily slide in your jacket or pants pocket or backpack. The patented Chromium Thermal Barrier™ is adapted from NASA technology used in space suits to protect astronauts in extreme conditions. The Impactor Core and SoftTouch Protective Liner encapsulate your device to protect against everything. This award-winning phone case is the first and only sleeve to help protect your device from overheating in the sun, extend battery life in the cold, float if dropped in water, and provide military-grade drop protection.

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