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Planting Tree – Key Lime Tree

Planting Tree- Key Lime Tree

Do you need a tree to fill a sunny spot in your home? Do you really like margaritas?

Why not solve two problems with one plant.

The Planting Tree Key Lime Tree is perfect to be grown indoors by a sunny window. This lovely citrus tree produces scented blooms that fill your home with a light, sweet scent. The pretty white flowers are followed by petite key limes. This fruit tree grows up to 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide in the ground but stays smaller in containers. It can be pruned and easily kept extremely compact and still produce plenty of key limes. Plant near a very sunny window, glass door, or provide a plant light to grow your own fruit! These Key Lime trees are grafted, not grown from seed, so you can have fruit in the very first year and a hardy tree! This tree is pest and disease resistant so it is easy to grow organic limes for your family.

These limes pack a delicious sweet and tart in a little package.

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