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Plow & Hearth – Deluxe Roll-Up Outdoor Shade

Plow & Hearth - Deluxe Roll-Up Outdoor Shade

If your outdoor living space gets a bunch of sun first thing in the morning or later in the day, it pretty much makes the space unusable.

Blocking the sun and reclaim your space while keeping it comfortable.

The Plow & Hearth Deluxe Roll-Up Outdoor Shade is made of super heavy-duty, PVC-coated woven polyester for maximum sun protection. The PVC in these shades makes them heavier, longer-lasting, and more wind-stable. The included Wind-Flex Bungee System keeps the shade from flapping in the wind. Perfect for patio, porch, gazebo, and more, these Deluxe Shades block out up to 90% of UV rays, making your outdoor living space more enjoyable. They are mold, mildew, and fade resistant. The roll-up design has a cordless hand-crank for safety and ease of use. Shades can be installed on walls or ceilings. Imported.

Comes in three sizes and three colors to fit every need.

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