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Podcast – Pessimists Archive

Pessimists Archive

Are kids these days entitled? Do Bird Scooters ruin your favorite city? Do you suffer from text thumb?

Did you know your great-grandparents suffered from “radio thumb”? That in 1915 they loved powered scooters. Oh, and they also thought kids were entitled?

Almost every argument for and against a new technology has been used throughout history. But maybe it’s all in our heads.

The Pessimists Archive explores why People Keep Resisting New Things. In each episode, they travel back in time to the moment that a new technology or innovation was introduced. A technology, that today we think of as totally commonplace! And explore why everyone was freaking out about it. By seeing how repetitive and often silly yesterday’s fears were, we can begin to defang today’s fears as well. Hosted by Jason Feifer, editor in chief of Entrepreneur Magazine.

Could you imagine a world without Coffee, yup people tried to ban that too…

“A highly entertaining look at new technology throughout history and why people hated them. The production quality is as good or maybe better than NPR podcasts” – Craig

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