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Portacool – Cyclone 160

Portacool - Cyclone 160

Working on a project or with your animals is miserable in the heat.

But air conditioning a whole garage or barn seems a little over the top.

Why not just cool the area where you are at using just air and water.

The Portacool Cyclone™ 160 is versatile and the ideal size for the shop, barn, or outdoor cooling. It’s a powerful portable cooling solution designed to help cool and keep you productive in the heat. The Cyclone 160 generates significant airflow and cooling via the natural process of evaporation. Simply plug into a standard outlet and roll where needed to provide a cost-effective cooling option where standard air conditioning is impractical or cost-prohibitive.

With dual water fill options, manual fill hose connection to use anywhere. Additionally, the Cyclone 160 is equipped with Kuul Comfort™ evaporative media, the highest-quality evaporative media on the market made in the USA exclusively for Portacool products to provide maximum cooling comfort.

You’ve got things to do and Goldbond only works for so long…

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