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Prime 6 – Premium Grilling Charcoal

Prime 6 - Premium Grilling Charcoal

When it comes to grilling, you just can’t beat charcoal.

But charcoal briquets can be dusty or soaked in lighter fluid and lump charcoal burns too fast.

Discover the new charcoal used by celebrity chefs, pitmasters, and leading restaurants.

Prime 6 Premium Grilling Charcoal is the next generation of supreme grilling. Manufactured from premium hardwood sawdust. It’s compressed and slow-carbonized into dense charcoal. It is 100% natural for healthy and clean cooking, with no toxins, fuels, binders, or additives of any sort. With a 4+ hours burn time, 1 lb of prime 6 equals 3 lbs of lump charcoal. Its unique hexagon shape is designed to provide high, consistent heat, so you get maximum control to develop the precise flavors you want.

Makes a great gift for the pitmaster in your family.

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