Quadcrate Back Postholder


Used to carry chainsaws, fuel cans, ropes, wood, plants, hay, and more!


The Quadcrate Back Postholder can be used for more than fenceposts.  It can be used to carry chainsaws, fuel cans, ropes, wood, plants, hay, and more!

Front and Back Postholders should be fitted to your ATV to allow for an evenly balanced load, to be carried over the 4 wheels of the bike, allowing maximum traction to be achieved. When loaded correctly, very harsh terrain can be traveled easily.

The Back Postholder can also be made into a dual-purpose box, with the removable Rear Toolbox option. It can keep your tools, coats, ammunition, and more nice and dry. The Toolbox also has a removable divided section allowing for the organization of all your gear. It can also be used as one big box when the divider is removed. The Rear Toolbox kit is made totally out of aluminum plate, with a spring-loaded latch, and heavy-duty hinges, The Rear Toolbox can be easily removed via tech-screws so that the Back Postholder can be used for oversized cargo.

Note: the Back Postholder is larger than the Front Postholders, as the back bale rack on most ATVs is bigger than the one on the front. This makes full use of the bale rack allowing larger loads to be carried

The postholder is made from hot-dipped galvanized steel and aluminum for rugged use.

Originally designed for use in agriculture, it has proven to be a valuable asset in many other industries such as Equine, Forestry, and Landscaping.

Designed and built in Northern Ireland by Allingham Quadcrate Ltd.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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Postholder Only, Postholder + Toolbox

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