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PROHEAR – Bluetooth Hearing Protection Headphones

PROHEAR - Bluetooth Hearing Protection Headphones

When it’s time to blow snow, mow the lawn, or work in the garage do you require music or podcasts? Sure you can use your earbuds, but those hearing protectors are uncomfortable over headphones. Now you can have a dedicated set of noise-reducing headphones.

PROHEAR Bluetooth Hearing Protection Headphones are equipped with ultra-soft gel ear cushions that combination of silicon gel, memory foam, ultra-thin polyurethane skin that are more comfortable than foam protectors. They also have 5.0 Bluetooth for a fast stable connection to your phone. With a longer range than other protectors, allowing you to move around more. And with a rechargeable battery and 40 hours of playing time, to keep you going. It has 25dB sound reduction to protect your hearing against loud noises. With large control buttons, you can make changes to volume, change the song, or answer your phone, even with gloves on.

Fully charges in 4 hours.

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