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Raigro – 360 Degree Pulsating Metal Sprinkler

Raigro 360 metal sprinkler

On an acreage, even with an automatic sprinkler system, you’ve got areas that need additional watering.

But you’ve got unlimited choices when it comes to sprinklers. Which one is best?

First, it needs to be easy to move, so ones you spike in the ground are out. Plus the spike never goes in or it breaks off. Next, you want one that covers a large area, so soaker hoses and oscillators are out.

The Raigro 360 Degree Pulsating Metal Sprinkler covers a diameter of up to 85 feet. When an in-ground irrigation system isn’t an option or you need supplemental irrigation this is the best choice. This sprinkler shoots the water horizontally at a high velocity so it’s not as vulnerable to wind and covers a bigger area than oscillating types.

This long-range sprinkler is an easy and effective way to water your thirsty lawn. The all-metal head is exceptionally durable, with rust-proof coated finish it will provide years of regular use. It has a 360-degree rotation that can be adjusted from partial to a full circle spray area. The 85 feet diameter can be adjusted to cover just 45 feet with the distance control knob on top of the sprinkler.

You will occiaionly find kids, pets and some adults playing in the spray!

“I’ve used this similar model to establish yards on 3 acreages, the only thing better is an automatic system.” – Craig

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