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Rain-X – De-Icer Premium Windshield Wash

Rain-X - De-Icer Premium Windshield Wash

If your car sits outside and you are sick of scraping the window each morning, then you need this.

And since it’s winter and there’s a chance you’ll end up driving in freezing rain, snow, or ice, you need this.

Rain-X De-Icer Windshield Washer Fluid is formulated to melt frost, ice and snow and is effective to -25 degrees F. With advanced technology for streak-free cleaning power, the washer fluid applies water beading technology to your windshield for greater driving visibility. 

Quickly melt freezing moisture off of your windshield for safety and comfort.

“Possibly the best $3 you’ll ever spend on your car. If you’ve never had de-icer windshield wash, what are you waiting for…” – Craig

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