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Razor-Back – The Brute 7 Steel Sidewalk Scraper

Razor-Back - The Brute 7 Steel Sidewalk Scraper

During the holidays you’ll have lots of visitors so make sure you don’t have any dangerous ice on your sidewalks. Salt is fine if you have the time, but if it’s too cold or you need it gone fast, a scraper is the best tool.

The Razor-Back, Brute 7 Steel Sidewalk Scraper has a heavy-duty, 7-inch wide blade. The Brute scraper will scrape ice, concrete, or anything else from road or floor surfaces. It can be used to remove roofing, siding, and flooring or to chop and remove roots or other garden debris. It’s also great for digging, clearing trenches, and lawn edging. The D-handle provides more control of the blade while the strong socket design adds durability.

It’s also handy for cleaning mud off of garage and shop floors.

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