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RC Mowers – TK-44E Remote Control Steep Slope Mower

RC Mowers - TK-44E Remote Control Steep Slope Mower

If you have ever flipped a riding mower while mowing a steeped sloped ditch, you only do it once. Even worse is getting a mower stuck in a wet area.

But cutting a large area with a weed eater is not very time efficient. And not mowing it regularly will lead to trees and shrubs taking over the area.

RC Mowers’ TK-44E Remote Control Steep Sloop mower is a professional-grade tracked mower, capable of maintaining up to 45-degree slopes. It can mow dense brush up to 1 inch and it’s also perfect for rough or wet ground. Valued by customers that operate in tough terrain areas like, wetlands, steep-sloped roads, dams, and more. The KE-44E is the most compact design with a 63″ cutting width. Comes with a 1 year 200-hour warranty.

Would also be great for orchard owners and mowing under trees! 

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