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Real Palm Trees – Spindle Palm Tree

Real Palm Trees - Spindle Palm Tree

Does your living room look empty now that the Christmas tree is down?

Do you miss having green during the depths of winter? Improve your living area and well being with live plants.

The Spindle Palm Tree is one of the most unique palm trees ever to have sprouted leaves. The Spindle Palm is characterized by a white base trunk that grows an elongated swell in its mid-section. The Spindle Palm Tree has beautiful v-shaped leaves that are 8-10 feet in length. Coupled with its ability to produce a sweet flowery fragrance aroma from its flowering seeds and its interesting shape, the Spindle Palm Tree is a showstopper. Originating from the exotic Mascarene Islands off the coast of Australia. Let the Spindle Palm add excitement and enjoyment to your home.

Great for indoors because they act as a natural humidifier.

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