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Rhino Cart – All Terrain Moving Dolly

Rhino Cart - All Terrain Moving Dolly

Living on an acreage is great. Nobody to bother you. But the downside of that is there is no one around to help you when you need to move heavy, bulky items. With the right cart, you could handle heavy loads all on your own.

Rhino Cart is a heavy-duty moving dolly specifically designed to conquer thresholds, uneven surfaces, and even hard pack dirt & gravel while carrying up to 1,500lbs. 8 heavy-duty urethane wheels make taking on uneven surfaces easy to maneuver on. It’s built tough using commercial grade poly resin and the same type of specialized steel used in industrial applications. Easily expands from 6″- 46″ to accommodate large objects and pallets. Rhino Carts are proudly made in the USA

Great for moving safes too. Even works on carpet!

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