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Ritchie – OmniFount 2 Automatic Heated Cattle, Horse Waterer

Ritchie OmniFount 2

Your little princess wanted a pony. What were you gonna do, tell her no?

But now it’s 40 below, the garden hose is frozen, and the old grey mare needs watering.

Never drag another frozen garden hose around again. Get an OmniFount and cross one more chore off the to-do list. Forever.

The Ritchie OmniFount 2 blends technology from stainless steel units and poly units to provide the premier livestock fountain. Omni’s stainless steel trough features thermostatically-controlled heat elements for frost-free service even under the most severe winter conditions. And the trough carries a 10-year, 100% warranty against manufacturing defect or corrosion.

Designed with animal safety in mind, the OmniFount 2 features smooth, rounded edges and a fully insulated casing for energy efficiency. Fast refill provides freshwater for up to 40 head of cattle or horses. 

Made in the US, it’s easy to maintain and clean. It has a large access panel for easy access to heating components and waterline. And it comes complete and ready to install to your electric and water lines.

It’s 40 below, but you ain’t’ busy. You got a heater in your Ritchie.

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