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RJ Designs – XD ROPS Chainsaw Holder

RJ Designs - XD ROPS Chainsaw Holder

You know when you are out mowing and there is a tree branch in the way, you think I should get the saw and cut that out of the way. Then you think, I’ll do it when I’m are done mowing. Then next week you have the same conversation with yourself. If you had your saw mounted on your mower or tractor, you could take care of it right then.

The RJ XD ROPS Chainsaw Holder is a unique and simple chainsaw holding device that attaches to your ROPS (rollover protection system) on your tractor or UTV. It is simple to install – usually under 10 minutes in most cases. The plastic protection will keep most any chainsaw snug and it is adjustable for most width chainsaws. Chainsaw bar guide bars are polyethylene to protect your chainsaw bar and preserve the edge on the chainsaw teeth. The attachment bracket is powder-coated for durability

Heavy-duty poly, not cheap plastic like other chain saw holders.

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