Rough Rider - Premium Fountain

Rough Rider – Premium Fountain

The worst part of watering animals is the daily maintenance.

The second worse part is how awful the stock tank or drinking fountain look.

Now you can have a low maintenance watering fountain that works as great as it looks.

The Rough Rider Premium Fountain is made from high-quality treadplate aluminum, for an appealing form and long-range durability. With their exclusive “Easy Flow Drinking System” water stays clean, and fresh, with minimal temperature variation. The internal components are super heavy duty. The design also means there is almost zero maintenance since it stays cleaner longer than other fountains.

Roughrider Fountains are well insulated. In cold climate areas, they are kept frost-free with a low wattage 65-watt heater, requiring very little electricity usage. In hot temperatures, the water stays cool because very little water is exposed to heat in the drinking bowl. All Roughrider Fountains is covered with our Two Year No Hassle Warranty.

A water fountain fit for a princess’s pony.

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