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Royal Shade – Windscreen & Privacy Cover 4’x 50′

Royal Shade - Windscreen & Privacy Cover 4'x 50'

When you live in the country the wind can cause real problems. Livestock, pets, and plants can really take a beating. You should provide wind protection for vegetable gardens, plants, animals, or sports courts. If wind perhaps you want to keep people from seeing all your toys.

The Royal Shade Windscreen & Privacy cover is made to fit tightly and perfectly on 4′ tall fence. The fabric is breathable which cuts the wind but allows the breeze to go through. It is made of UV & water-resistant heavy-duty commercial grade HDPE (High-density polyethylene), made to last under sun exposure and all-weather condition. It provides 90% blockage gives you the privacy you deserve, not completely blackout but the right amount of privacy and blockage. It has a 5 years limited warranty.

Comes in other colors!

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