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ROZU – Dog Paw Protection Pads

Rozu paw protector pads

Do you have an old dog that struggles to get up on slick, hardwood floors?

Does your best pal get sore paws after a long trail run?

You’ve tried dog boots, but they always fall off.

Rozu Dog Paw Protection Pads are disposable stick-on pads made of non-slip silicone and breathable cloth. They’re non-toxic, harmless, and won’t leave marks on the paws after use.

Dog paw pads give traction and are anti-slip. They protect pet paws from hot grounds in summer. They will protect paws from getting hurt by sharp items. And, they’re great for senior dogs, arthritic dogs, and dogs with weak hip joints and legs that have problems getting up.

They come in 12 sizes with six sets to a pack.

Ever walked on the blacktop barefoot in summer? Ya, get your dog these.

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