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Rugged Tools – Titan Deluxe Tool Roll

Rugged Tools - Titan Deluxe Tool Roll

Whether you are going to fix the lawnmower that broke down out it the yard or taking some tools with you 4-wheeling. You are going to need something to carry tools in.

You could use a bucket, but you’ll just end up dumping the whole thing out to find that one wrench. That’s when you start losing tools.

Rugged Tools Titan Deluxe Tool Roll is a pro-quality tool organizer & storage roll. It has metal Grommets for hanging. Plus easy access and perfect storage for screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, and more. Made from high quality water-resistant, grease-resistant, rip-resistant fabric. With exact sizing for standard and specialty tools. It has 1 top quick grab pocket and 5 deep zippered tool pouches. Roll-up the tool roll, secure it with double straps, and go.

If only it could tell you the tools you’ll need while you’re loading it up.

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