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RYOBI – Electric Pressure Washer

RYOBI Electric Pressure Washer

There are things you don’t need until you need them. A potato masher. Baling wire. Hedge trimmers.

A power washer might feel like it belongs in this category but it doesn’t. This is a 12 month/year tool if you own one.

The problem? Big, bulky, gas-powered models take up space and usually take longer to get started than the actual washing job will take.

Not to mention it’s always tempting to buy a more powerful model than you need for most of your more delicate tasks. Like washing the vinyl siding on your house or washing a winter’s worth of salt and gravel off our painted garage floor.

The Ryobi electric power washer checks the boxes you need. Small and easily portable it stows away quickly and can be easily transported where you need it. Electric power means that even if you are using a little way away from the house, you can still plug into a power inverter on your ATV or pickup.

At 2000 PSI with a variety of nozzles and an onboard detergent tank, it has more than enough power for anything your acreage will throw at it but not so much that you blow the paint off your project. At under $140 this thing is a must-have for anyone that owns a home.

So put this in your ‘essentials’ and keep your property a little cleaner.

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