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Safe Paw – Ice Melter

Safe Paw - Ice Melte

Have you ever had a cut on your hand and got lime juice in it? That’s what your pet feels every time they go outside and step in rock salt or cheep commercial ice melt.

Not only do those materials cause your pet pain, but they also destroy your hardscapes and can kill your plants.

Safe Paw Ice Melter is an innovative way to clear your driveways and sidewalks of winter snow and ice. Safe Paw is completely salt-free and recommended by veterinarians. It uses a patented, dual-effect compound that works with a two-way timed-released action. First, it starts melting the ice instantly while breaking up the surface tension, and then it penetrates and destabilizes the ice to speed up melting—all while offering slip protection with a proprietary traction agent. Safe Paw pellets cover twice the area of rock salt.

The time-release formula leaves an invisible “shield” that prevents the ice from sticking for up to 3 days. Use ahead or after the storm to make shoveling easier!

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