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SCOTTeVest – Cotton Hoodie

SCOTTeVest - Cotton Hoodie

One of the best things about a Hoodie is the 1 or 2 extra pockets. When you are outside working, fishing, or hiking, having an extra spot for gear is priceless. So what would be better than 2 pockets? What if you had 10 times as many pockets? That would make it one of the best Hoodies ever made.

The SCOTTeVEST Cotton Hoodie is functional fashion with 21 pockets. It is ideal for mild weather and carrying all your EDC gear. You’ll not only look relaxed and comfortable, but you’ll have all your gadgets and daily essentials organized and accessible. The fabric is designed to “weather” and look worn over time. It has 14 interior pockets and 7 exterior pockets.

If you still need more pockets or a bag, then you might have too much gear.

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