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Seedsheet – Custom Garden


Covid-19 has shown us there are some holes in food distribution which has led to a spike in gardening interest.

And having a garden is great to supply you food, entertainment and exercise.

Err, check that. It’s work. It’s a lot of work. Until now.

Seedsheet, an as seen on SharkTank product simplifies starting a garden. Choose from over 85 varieties of organic,non-GMO seeds, spanning herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers. You design your garden, they’ll build and ship it to you!

Simply place the Seedsheet (seed-side-down) on top of the soil in your garden container or bed and he dissolvable seed pods do the rest. Their weed-blocking fabric lets water through, but not the weeds! There’s no need to use herbicides or spend hours bending over pulling weeds. It’s the foolproof way to get a garden started, with less work and effort.

Due to the ‘rona, their 2-3 weeks our on delivery so order today to have veggies to eat by early summer.

“The backyard size at $100 seems like a lot. But if you start your own seeds, buying all it takes to do that, mulch and other materials, you’ll have almost that much into your garden.” – Craig

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