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Service – Conservation Tree Program

Conservation Tree Program

Landscaping a larger acreage property doesn’t have to have to break the bank.

If you know where to look, have some patience and are willing to put in a little work.

Most states Natural Resource Districts have a Conservation Tree Program. These state-run programs provide landowners with high-quality native seedling plants at reduced prices (Less than $1 a tree in Nebraska).

Many of these programs run through March each spring.

Each Natural Resource District program varies, but possible tree program services include reduced cost tress, planting or planting equipment, weed barrier, and drip irrigation.

You’ll need to check with your local district office to see what programs are available to you. Here is a shortlist of state programs:

Don’t see your state, in case you don’t know how Google works. Google, Natural Resource Districts, Conservation Tree Program, and [Your State].

Yes, it will take some time for these trees to mature but your can’t beat the price. So get started now.

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