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Shop-Vac – Shop Sweep Indoor/Outdoor Vacuum

shop sweep

We can abide your dirty mind. You have no excuse for a dirty shop.

But who likes cleaning the shop or garage after a project? Pushing a broom, creating a Pig-Pen cloud of dust, inhaling god knows what.

Oh, and never getting it all. That little line of dust left behind by the dustpan is like a big F-you….

It’s 2020. Brooms and dustpans suck. They suck your time. They suck at their job. They’re inefficient and they never get all the dust.  

The Shop-Vac Shop Sweep sucks better. It works on all hard surfaces indoors and out. It has two height settings, built-in kickstand, and plenty of power to direct dirt to the ample eight-gallon collection bag for easy dumping.

Shop-Vac is the best brand in the business and backs products with powerful warranties to ensure great user experience. Easy to store and use.

The Shop-Vac Shop Sweep makes cleanup quick and manageable so you can get back to those other dirty thoughts.

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