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Skeeter MACE – Outdoor Insect Control Spray, 1 Gallon Concentrate

Skeeter MACE - Outdoor Insect Control Spray, 1 Gallon Concentrate

Spring is here and the bugs are starting to come out. If you are tired of finding ticks on your dog or yourself, it’s time to start treating your yard.

But don’t use some harsh chemical that could be dangerous to you or your pets.

Skeeter MACE Outdoor Insect Control Spray 1 Gallon Concentrate, Treats 3.6 Acres. Skeeter MACE is an all naturals, powerful Mosquito, Flea, Tick, and General Insect Killer & Repellent. Highly effective, their premium formula provides a chemical-free way to rid your lawn, garden, or activity space of annoying biting insects. Natural botanical oils are combined, creating a spray that successfully kills and controls insect populations in treated areas. Protect your family and enjoy being outside again! Does not harm beneficial insects such as bees or butterflies. Skeeter MACE is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Try Today Risk-Free!

Skeeter MACE is perfect for gardens, lawns, dog parks, decks, boats, sitting areas, pools, playsets, sandboxes, campgrounds, picnic areas, and much more!

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