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S’more to Love – Six S’more Maker

S'more to Love - Six S'more Maker

You can’t beat gathering around a campfire and enjoying an ooey-gooey S’more. But it’s not fun when it’s 95 degrees, the mosquitos are biting and your marshmallow falls in the fire when it’s almost done.

When the weather isn’t fit to be out make a batch of S’mores another way.

The S’More To Love Six S’More maker is a fast, easy way to make delicious marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker treats right in your oven, or on your grill. No need to get the fire pit going and no more burnt marshmallows. This innovative treat-maker allows you to make 6 tasty S’mores in just minutes. Simply stack, lock, and place on your grill or in your oven and be the hit of any barbecue, picnic, or party.

How can you have S’more if you haven’t had any?

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