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Snake River Farms – Gold Grade Filet Mignon

Snake River Farms - Gold Grade Filet Mignon

No matter how good you are on the grill, you’ll only be as good as the meat you put on it.

And Wagyu beef is known the world over for its tenderness and deliciousness.

Only 3% of all beef in the US is Prime grade, Wagyu far exceeds this standard.

Snake River Farms – Gold Grade is the ultimate filet mignon. Gold Grade steaks represent the highest level of marbling offered by Snake River Farms. These filets are available in limited quantities and maintain the traditional flavor that American palates love combined with the tender, buttery essence of Japanese Wagyu beef.

The filet mignon is the number one selling Gold Grade steak for good reason – it is even more buttery textured than our Black Grade filet mignon. This filet is so tender and juicy it can be cut with a butter knife.
Snake River Farms beef is Wagyu crossed with high-quality Angus. It is 100% natural, with no added hormones. Then
Wet-aged 21+ days for improved flavor and texture. Individually wrapped and ships frozen to arrive partially thawed or chilled.

This meat + your grill = an amazing culinary experience.

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