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Snappy Grip – Ergonomic Bucket Handles

Snappy Grip

What’s more versatile than a five-gallon bucket?

From watering and feeding livestock to moving dirt and storing tools, it might be one of the most used items on your acreage.

But the bucket has got a major flaw. No. Not that they stick together. The other flaw.

It’s that little handle cutting into your hand and making your fingers numb. Carrying a bucket full of tools, paint, water, or dirt any distance is super painful.

Snappy Grip Ergonomic Handles snap over the skinny little bucket handle. It will actually make whatever your carrying seem much, much lighter.

Designed to reduce hand fatigue by more than 50%, it distributes weight over more of the surface area of your fingers. It fits most hands comfortably so you can say goodbye to bucket hand.

Snappy Grip doesn’t just work on buckets; it also fits over rope or string. Have a wire handled pet cage or heavy tote back with a painful strap? Snappy Grips are easily modified to make anything you carry in your hand feel better.

Now if only Snappy Grips made pulling apart buckets possible…

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