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Snowbot – S1 Autonomous Snowblower

Snowbot - S1 Autonomous Snowblower

Snowblowers make quick work of snow removal. But you’ll be coated in snow, cold and exhausted. You could be sitting by the fire while your robot snowblower takes care of business.

The Snowbot S1 Autonomous Snowblower can remove snow deep as 12 inches easily from your yard or driveway. n normal mode, the snow removal speed is intelligently set according to the depth of snow to ensure the best performance of the robot. With the autonomous navigation system, Snowbot is able to automatically plan its cleaning path. After positioning the beacons at 3 points, there will be a default snow removal area. You can also use the remote controller to customize an area according to your preferences. After the cleaning area is confirmed, Snowbot will remove the snow by maintaining the route and selected area. Snowbot S1 is built with a 360° rotating chute that can throw the snow up to 12 feet away in any direction. The snow can be thrown to a snow pile given by the user. After the snow pile is designated, the movable snow thrower can adjust the direction intelligently at any time to ensure the snow throwing to the given area.

It’s ready for beta testing, and if selected they’ll send you the upgrade version for 2022 free!

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