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Solo Stove – Pi Pizza Oven

Solo Stove - Pi Pizza Oven

The best pizza is wood-fired stone-baked. But most pizza ovens require a ton of time to set up, heat up, and take up a ton of space. That means getting stuck with soggy oven-baked pizza crust on most nights. Now you can make 3-4 wood-fired pizzas in under an hour.

The Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven features Solo Stove Signature Airflow and Demi Dome Construction, creating enhanced convection bake after bake. The intuitive design and Demi-Dome construction make it easy for beginners. The optimized for heat distribution and minimal heat loss means you can bake more pizza’s less fuel and better results. With Dual Fuel capability, you can indulge in wood-fired flavor or quick weeknight splurge with the convenience of propane-fueled flames. The Pi Pizza Oven is quick to set up and provides crust that’s twice as crisp. Comes with a lifetime warranty.

Pi is a standalone unit so you can gather around your Solo Stove Fire Pit while you enjoy your pizza.

Buy it on Pi Day 3-14-22 and save $40

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