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SPEECO – 2 Way Latch Lock Gate

SPEECO 2 Way Latch Lock Gate

If you have livestock on your property then you most likely have a gate.

And while the old chain latch system is the standard, it’s not a good one.

It’s a pain. It takes two hands to operate and doesn’t keep the gate from sagging.

SpeeCo’s two-way lockable gate latch is designed to accept a padlock and opens easily with one hand. When it is released, the gate can swing in either direction. Furthermore, this SpeeCo Two-Way Lockable Gate Latch stops gate end swinging and sagging. It fits round tube gates 1-1/4″ to 2″ O.D and designed to accept a padlock. Easy to install and makes it much simpler to operate than the standard chain latch.

There’s a reason “off the chain” means crazy. This thing works crazy good.

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