SpeeCo - Post Driver Post Pounder Deluxe

SpeeCo – Post Driver Post Pounder Deluxe

If you are building a fence or staking a tree then you’ll have t-posts to drive in the ground. If you’re using a hammer you are doing it wrong. Drive post faster and easier with a deluxe post pounder.

The SpeeCo Post Driver Post Pounder Deluxe has easy to grip and ergonomically superior handles. The heavy-duty metal construction of this post driver allows for posts to be driven down more effectively with less effort. The inner diameter of the main tube is 2-3/4 in. that fits most of the T-posts, metal pipes, and wooden stakes. The wrap-over design provides more force per strike; more force means less effort for users. It has extra room between the handle and the main tube to prevent finger pinching.

If it doesn’t work flawlessly for you, then you have no idea what you are doing.

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