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Spotify Playlist – This is Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers Spotify

COVID-19 has us all feeling like islands in the stream. We miss our daytime friends. You may even say to yourself “What about me, I feel like a stranger in my place”.

All week nobody just dropped in to say hi. Is this even “Merica anymore? Yes, it’s still the greatest country, just a little crazy for you and I.

And since you’ve been inside and there ain’t no sunshine, just scrolling social feeds, then you know Kenny Rogers is singing Amazing Grace in heaven.

Twenty years ago when I found my 6 Pack movie matchbox car in a box of old stuff, I felt like the king of Oak Street. All my life, through the years, I still remember listening to Lucille, Rueben James, and The Gambler on our record player. I know you don’t know me, but if you grew up in the eighties, I am sure you can relate.

When you love someone and they pass, it’s sad… And while I can’t unlove you, Kenny, science says listening to sad songs can make us happier

And Kenny, you’ve got a shitload of ’em. You’ve been a sweet music man that’s been making music for money since before most of us were born. Lady, Elvira, We’ve Got Tonight, Three times a Lady and so many more.

Listening to the old tunes you love will turn you around. This is Kenny Rogers by Spotify is over 4 hours of his hits. It’s free for you, me, and Bobby McGee.

So while you’re working around the house, or out in the green green grass of home, put this on and take your mind off turning to the Tennessee Bottle.

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