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SquareKeg – SquareOne Mini Keg

SquareKeg - SquareOne Mini Keg

When you live outside the city or are always on the go it’s hard to get to the brewery and keep your favorite brew on tap. Even worse, is dropping and breaking a full growler. You can definitely cry over spilled beer. We won’t judge.

The SquareOne® mini keg fills and cleans just like a growler but It’s Square. It’s not glass and it holds one gallon. It’s designed to fit into the kombucha or craft beer fanatic’s active lifestyle. There’s really not anywhere you can’t use the SquareOne®. It’s designed to fit conveniently on the shelf of any residential refrigerator, but better yet, it was designed to be placed in the bottom of your ice-chest while camping, boating, sunbathing at the beach, or even golfing. Comes with CO2 cartridges, transport cap, industry-standard mini keg thread, standard faucet tap and free carrying tote.

Never break another growler again.

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