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Stargazer – 12-Inch Cast Iron Skillet

Stargazer - 12-Inch Cast Iron Skillet

Great cooks have historically relied on cast iron heat regulation and high-quality dishes. But modern cast iron isn’t the same as what your grandma used. That’s why so many have gone away from it. 

And even if you have Grandma’s cast-iron skillet, it’s heavy and the handle gets hot.

The Stargazer 12-inch Cast Iron skillet is cleaner, smoother, naturally non-stick, lighter, and safer than traditional cast iron skillets. The 12 inch is their largest skillet, comparable to a vintage size #10. Stargazer skillets have a satin-smooth interior that makes them naturally non-stick. They’ve optimized the weight (6.5 lbs) for the perfect balance of heat retention and ease of use. A stay-cool handle stays cooler longer over any heat source and the drip-free flared rim makes leaky pour spouts a thing of the past. It’s made in America and they back it with an infinite warranty.

This will be the skillet your grandkids, grandkids use.

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