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Starlink – Portability Feature

Starlink - Portability Feature

Do you have a lake house, cabin or RV and are tired of paying for cellular data for your internet? Perhaps you can’t even get a cell signal. If you have Starlink internet you can now take it with you when you travel.

The Starlink Portability feature enables users to temporarily move their Starlink High-speed Broadband Internet Dish to new locations in order to receive service anywhere within the same continent. For an additional monthly fee, Starlink provides active coverage. Starlink cannot be used in motion at this time. We hear Starlink is actively working to make it possible to use Starlink on moving vehicles (e.g., automobiles, RVs, boats), so maybe someday!

Another great reason to upgrade your home internet to Starlink.

“We’ve had Starlink for 9 months and are loving it. If you plan to travel with your dish, we recommend not mounting to the rood of your house.” – Craig

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