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Steiner – 450 Tractor

Steiner - 450 Tractor

Do you have unique challenges with your property?

Does it have steep hills that you need to mow?

Then you need a more capable and unique solution to managing your acreage.

The Steiner® 450 is more than just a tractor. More versatile and more capable, the 450 can be equipped with over 30 attachments and comes with engine options up to 37 horsepower. With standard four-wheel drive and an articulating, oscillating frame for maximum ground engagement on steep, rugged terrain, plus exceptional ride comfort.

The 450’s slope rating is up to 30 degrees. Making it a great tractor for hilly properties. The 450DX can do it all: mow, blow, push, pull, plow, dig, trench, and the list keeps going. With an endless array of attachments and a quick hitch system, you’ll be asking, what can’t it do.

Goes where others won’t does what other can’t.

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