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STIHL – KM 131 R & Power Sweep

STIHL - KM 131 R & Power Sweep

Spring is here and the snows gone and so is the rock from your driveway.

No matter how good of a job you do pushing or blowing snow, you now have a bunch of rock in your grass.

Don’t leave it there, get it back where it belongs without killing yourself.

The KM 131 R KombiMotor multi-tasking tool is the most powerful in the STIHL KombiSystem family. It features a low-emission engine, delivering 30% longer run times compared to previous models. Best of all, it’s compatible with over a dozen KombiSystem attachments, giving you incredible utility a fraction of the tools.

Pair it with the KW-MM PowerSweep™ to get rock out of your grass fast. This powerful attachment features heavy-duty rubber flaps, acting like a squeegee on steroids. It will move the rock from your grass. You can also use it to cleans up caked dirt along roads, and snow from hard surfaces.

Like most things that work really well, you’ll have to shell out a few bucks, but this will save you hours every spring.

“I got over 400 feet of driveway, I don’t regret buying this, I never would have got the rock back on my driveway with a hand rake.” – Brett

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