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Storehouse – 48 Hook Key Box

Storehouse - 48 Hook Key Box

Whenever you get a new piece of equipment like a mower, ATV, tractor, or skid loader, they usually come with an extra key. Plus you probably have a few keys to padlocks, toolboxes, and buildings as well.

And while you know all your extra keys are in an old Tupperware bowl in the junk drawer, you probably have no idea what key goes to any lock.

The Storehouse – 48 Hook Key Box is a durable all-steel key box that is the perfect way to organize and secure a large number of keys. The key box mounts easily to wood or drywall for quick and easy access. The box features a powder-coat finish to fight rust and corrosion for added durability. With numbered stickers to keep keys in order helps you keep track of keys for an entire family. The locking wall-mount key box comes with mounting screws and two keys.

Take it a step further and add a label key tag to the extra key and Marie Kondo the crap out of those old keys.

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