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Stormy Kromer – Original

stormy kromer

Oh, your ears are bit tingly from snow blowing before backing your SUV out of your heated garage?

Well, imagine it’s 1909 and you’re at the controls of a 200-ton smoke-belching locomotive going 60 miles an hour in an open-air cab. It’s a brutal 40 below Wisconsin winter. You stick your head out to ensure the route is safe and your hat blows off. Damn.

The frigid wind is like a million icy needles piercing your ears. Losing your hat isn’t something you’ll ever let happen again.

Why? Because you are a doer. You get home and feverously sketch out the hat that the Wisconsin winter will never beat.

Your spouse sews the hat. The design is so popular you start a store. It’s quickly overwhelmed by other doers who demand a hat that works as hard as they do and won’t be beaten by any storm.

Your name is George “Stormy” Kromer. True story bro.

The Stormy Kromer, handcrafted in the USA, features wool outer with insulated lining in a plethora of colors. The cuff at the base of the hat slides over the tops of your ears to keep the frostbite off while allowing you to let off some steam.

You don’t have to be an industrial revolution train engineer to admit you get cold working outdoors. But the Stormy Kromer will keep your dome cozy while getting the drive cleared to get the kids to practice.

“In the wintertime I won’t leave my house without a Stormy Kromer…whether haying cows, chopping wood or scooping the drive.”- Austin

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