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Subpod – In-Garden Compost System


Composting sounds great. Turn your food scraps into fertilizer to grow more food. Who isn’t down for that.

Until you have a pile of rotting garbage, attracting vermin and smelling up your garden.

You need a system that’s simple and improves the look of your property.

Subpod is a below-ground worm farm that mimics conditions found in nature. Compost worms, working with diverse soil microbes rapidly turn organic waste into worm castings, which is rich food for the soil and your plants. At full capacity, it will process over 30 lbs. of food waste per week.

Bury your Subpod in either the ground or a raised garden bed, with the ventilation above the soil line to maintain a clean smelling, aerobic system. The secure lid keeps out pests and also doubles as a garden seat.

Due to high demand production runs are selling fast, so pre-order today for May delivery.

Take the hard work out of composting and feed the soil your leftovers.

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