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The Gorilla Hook – Cordless Drill Tool Belt Holster

The Gorilla Hook - Cordless Drill Tool Belt Holster

When you are working on a project, it seems like there is never a good place to put your cordless drill.

Every time you set it on the ladder, it falls off. And it can be good to have the drill slamming on the ground.

If you set it on the ground, it’s never in reach when you need it.

The Gorilla Hook is a one-handed cordless drill holster that offers unbelievable strength and security while keeping your tool at arms length. This makes it one of the most effective tool belt accessories on the market today.

Made of heavy-duty plastic, the Gorilla Hook is the only one-handed cordless drill holster available today and fits most brand name drills like DeWalt, Makita, and Milwaukee. Works great with a regular belt or with construction tool belts.

It might not be compatible with your cell phone holster though….

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